Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Need, The Need

Received an email from the American Red Cross. Of course, if I had two nickels to rub together, I'd give up both, and if I could donate blood I'd do it. Even with iron supplements, I don't meet their minimums.


2004 has been a record year for responding to disasters,
large and small. From floods and residential
hurricanes that devastated entire communities throughout the
southeast U.S....and now preparing to support through our
International Response Fund, relief efforts for the
catastrophic earthquake and tsunamis that struck Southeast

Because of the public’s generous support the American Red
Cross has been able to respond immediately...

But we continue to need your support in the coming months as
we provide relief for victims of local, national and
international disasters.

Additionally, donations from you and other generous
supporters will assure that we meet the demand of collecting
and supplying more than 6 million units of blood for over
3,000 hospitals around the country. Provide classes to
nearly 12 million people annually including CPR, First Aid
and other life saving skills...while keeping military
families around the globe connected. And, prevent 1.2
million measles–related deaths by vaccinating 200 million
children in Africa by the end of 2005.

Your contribution means we can continue to provide these
vital services. Please make a contribution today...and
provide hope and relief for tomorrow. Thank you.

American Red Cross
Together, we can save a life.


Sometimes, I feel small and covered with fur.


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