Monday, March 28, 2005

Road Trip, "Bagdad Cafe"-Style

Johnny's a man on the move:

You must remember this. Because I don't. Remember. This. Here's your proof. You can't outrun them. You have to kill them with a stake before they bite.

Furthermore, I had to switch from juno to earthlink, and I've lost all my Favorites, like your blog, which I can't seem to find on google, maybe I'm just a retard, I can only find altrok, and I, like, KNOW where altrok is.

Cal's dad got us a AAA TripTick, which is a spiral-bound notebook of maps for our whole trip, from our door to Santa Fe, with our routes highlighted. It's fagulous. I'll be seeing places out of a Boys Don't Cry/In Cold Blood/Thelma and Louise nightmare, like Laramie, like Amarillo. Ama-fucking-rillo! My greaser cowboy past coming to life before my eyes! Don't look!

Marcello is a sweet and mellow fellow, Giancarlo too. They don't even seem to have noticed that their mummy cut their balls off. Cal jacked them up with something called Kitty Magic, which is morphine, ketamine, and something else, but hey, this already sounds like a pretty good menu. Rather than waking up slowly and thrashing around for a while and then being torpid for days, patients flying on Kitty Magic Airlines come back in a few hours, happy as me on a poppy farm. I'm heartbroken that apparently it really doesn't work as well on people, although I'd like to know, did they actually test it on people? I'll volunteer. As long as they don't cut my balls off. Again.

Hot damn. I'm going to need a grad student to take all this down for posterity.


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