Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Give The Violet More Violence

I finally quit squealing long enough to call Siobhan.

Tata: I went out walking and I was gone a good long time and I ran further than before which is still not very far by the standards of humans above the age of this many and on my way back a brown bunny sort of crossed my path though that might be good luck for all I know and the bunny didn't like the look of me even though I was singing to him "It's okay, bunny" then I turned the corner and just at my steps the tiniest baby brown bunny that would fit in the palm of my hand sped a few feet into a patch of flowers where he stopped and nibbled on an itchy spot and he was about the size of a pool ball he was so tiny and I've got a diabetic coma, it was so cute. My couch smells like feet. Stop laughing!

She hasn't called back yet.


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