Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wrong End Of the Looking Glass

Johnny writes:
I got a bonus two-disk version on of Tusk. The funny thing is that the supposedly freaky stuff on the second disk doesn't sound any more out there than the first. I'll copy it for you, if you listen to those particular boys and girls any more.

Is there a period of your life you look back on and think, 'If only I'd had better drugs and mean friends'? I think that every time I remember I have seven or eight Fleetwood Mac albums on vinyl. Tusk was a two-record set. About a quarter of the album sounds like the players were too bored for a second take. Is it possible the band reissued the album so it could be, you know, good?

I'm suspicious. The last thing Johnny sent me was Through the Barracades by Spandau Ballet. Lest anyone think we're stealing and profiting here I have to say I'd pay someone to guarantee I never hear it again. Further:
Freak out in a moon age daydream.

I just wanted to say that.



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