Friday, July 14, 2006

Going Faster Miles An Hour

Week 2 Friday Morning Report

Goal 1
My weight is not at all budging.

Goal 3
I did Cindy Lee's basic Yoga In A Box.

This week was a tough one for the routine kinds of exercise I do. For one thing: it rained a lot, disrupting my walking schedule. That makes it annoying but temporary. I'm getting back up on that horsy.

On Tuesday, I think it was, I had one of those frightening mood plunges that make life with sharp cutlery so interesting. Fortunately, that too was temporary but there've been two in the past three weeks. That means fresh fruit and vegetables, leafy greens and light fish for a while. Something's out of whack - or I'm a middle-aged woman. I'll stick with the idea I have some control over.

On the other hand: this morning, I was on the stepper for 15 minutes - up from my recent 12 - and only got off the thing because I couldn't listen even one minute longer to that opportunistic bigot Steve Lonegan talk on the news about how we shouldn't blame bigots for failing to understand Advertising 101. So I stormed off, but 3 more minutes than usual was nothing to sneeze at, I thought.

So. I'm not losing weight, which could be discouraging. I am not discouraged. Last week, I wore a pair of pants I couldn't button a month ago. Today, I'm wearing the smallest pair of pants in my closet, which is an outright shock. This morning, I felt a little defeated when I read the scale so when I pulled the small pants out of the closet I was behaving badly. And trying them on was ridiculous. That they fit doesn't make much sense - but I'll take it.

It's not a win at all. Still, it's slow progress, and progress is what I want.


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