Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Throwing Shadows On Our Eyes

Tuesday Report, Belated Punishment Edition.

In one corner of the untidy bedroom stands a box I should have measured but didn't. Suffice it to say this box is about 24" tall, maybe 12" wide and 8" deep. At the end of June, this box was stuffed full of spare skeins of yarn I've been dragging from apartment to apartment, some for more than twenty years. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away because there was nothing wrong with them, and some were expensive. Then, I was reading Georg's blog and found an interesting project. The box is now mostly empty. I've been knitting my heart out. I was knitting while Paulie Gonzalez was removing his hubcabs with a paper clip and when my family was arguing about smoky bars. I have been knitting while shouting at my sisters over the phone and between customers at the family store. I'm not a good knitter because I haven't the attention span for patterns and counting but in my living room sits a pile of little shelter animal blankets, ready to be finished with a crochet hook. Georg is threatening to mail me a box of yarn she's dragged around from place to place, which might defeat the housecleaning purpose of starting the project. Still, I can't see that offering comfort to a distressed animal in such a simple way could be a bad thing for my mood, either. More yarn, more blankets. Less thinking about myself.

So. The box is nearly dead. Long live the box. I am late reporting this - and concluding my July project - because I foolishly assumed I would learn how to operate my camera in a month. Well, that'll teach me to assume.


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