Friday, December 01, 2006

Dropping the Bomb On My Street

Mary discovers little children get the big idea.

Mary: Did I tell you about the Divine One and her answer to the teacher regarding what the president does?
Tata: I...don't know! But now I must! Tell me!
Mary: The class was going over leadership and for whatever reason her teacher opted to mention the current administration. When confronted with the question What does the president do? my little flower raised her hand and, using perfect enunciation, she said: "He bastardized our constitution." I could not be prouder. For this my dad will shower her with dollar bills!
Tata: Oh. My. God. That child needs her own ACLU card for Christmas.
Mary: I KNOW! With all the crap we refrain from saying around her, who knew she would pick up on something like that? It's better than her questioning the ladies at the door on Halloween regarding the ingredients of their treats! She is too much, man. Her friend has a peanut allergy so she tells people she does too. One lady actually took mints out of her purse and gave them to her instead of a Baby Ruth! It was that action at the door that made me ask, "What the hell was that about?" when she got to the bottom of the drive. My parents' revenge is upon me!
Tata: I think you can quit worrying about embarrassing her in front of the other kids. The Divine One has things well in hand.

I for one would like to welcome our prepubescent overlord.


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