Sunday, May 06, 2007

Any Way the Wind Blows

Oh. My. God. Twisty:
It is with curled lip and bloodshot eye that I anticipate a total lack of surprise at the news that last month a 17-year-old Iraqi girl was stoned to death in an “honor killing” — words I cannot type without overloading my Oxymoronitron. I expect abhorrence, yes. Disgust, yes. A crushing sense of the futility of it all, yes. Surprise, no.

Because this shit never goes away, it will surprise no one that this girl’s murder began by eight men dragging her from her house into the street, and ended after they had hurled rocks at her for half an hour. Nobody will raise much of an eyebrow when it is revealed that a mob of people watched this murder, and that none of them felt sufficiently moved by notions of a higher moral purpose to intervene. There is nothing particularly out of the ordinary, even, in that more than one of the frenzied spectators possessed such sangfroid as to record the murder with a cellphone video camera and post it on the internet, where it is causing a mild sensation; after all, this is nothing that American soldiers haven’t done, and done famously.

Watch the video. Read the rest. Let this child haunt you. She should.

We made that possible - and this necessary.

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Blogger Carl said...

I take moderate offense at Twisy's mischaracterization of the "loving the wrong boy" theme, but damn, that's one ugly situation

8:50 AM  
Anonymous tata said...

I'm not sure I understand your objection. Are you saying people don't die because they fell in love with the wrong person?

It's only a movie but West Side Story was on last night.

11:12 AM  

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