Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging: Spiders And Snakes Edition

This afternoon, when I was traveling between jobs and pressed for time,Miss Topaz demonstrated her displeasure with the service around Casa Complaisancy while informing me that she had a tummy ache. In other words, she looked me in the eye and pooped on the bathroom floor. I said, "I'm sorry, sweetheart. This is my fault for overstuffing you with delicious tuna fish." Yesterday, I foolishly opened a can among many left over from the apartment's previous feline occupant, divided the can's contents into approximate halves and presented them at great risk to myself to the kitten riot at my feet. I'm lucky to be alive; Topaz nibbled and kept nibbling. Then nibbled some more. Later, there was nibbling. I'm surprised she didn't hork. She's got style, that femme!

This afternoon, I'm packing up and driving. Grandpa turned 95 last weekend so much of the family is converging on Cape Cod for the annual Weekend of Happy Shouting. It's sweetly unnerving to sit next to Grandpa and yelp about my job at the unnamed university, and asking him questions only frustrates him. It frustrates me that he asks my mother what I'm talking about and she says, "DOMENICA'S FUNNY, DAD. SHE'S MAKING A JOKE." Then Grandpa pauses a moment and laughs, because he loves me.

Pete will stay with the kittens. They adore him and will nibble his toes. I cannot wait to come home and scritch three bellies.



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