Thursday, November 01, 2007

Changes Aren't Permanent But Change Is

Last night at 10, my phone rang, a highly unusual occurrence on a night where House hasn't just ended. My underwear said Wednesday, so I was both happy and confused. Tuesday Weld must never share a closet with Wednesday Addams or my cousin Monday, and for crying out loud, my name is Domenica. Who the hell is calling?

Daria and Mom have put the kids to bed and hunkered down with dessert.

Daria: I just wanna tell you I've introduced Mom to your friends Ben & Jerry.

I turn to Pete and hiss, "They're hitting the dairy products pretty hard. This could take awhile."

Tata: Whadja do?
Daria: Your friends Ben & Jerry make an excellent creme brulee ice cream, which we are mmmmmppphh mmmmmmuph slurrrrrrp eating right now.
Tata: What about my friends pinot & grigio? Cozying up to them, too?
Daria: Absolutely. I made Mom sleep over because it's still gin & tonic season. Thhhhhhhhhhp! Ahh! Refreshing!

In my mind's mouth, the combination of tonic and caramelized sugar makes me purse my mental lips, but who am I to judge? I spent the next 20 minutes listening to Daria coax her husband Tyler to have some ice cream with the soothing chant, "...healthy teeth and bones, sweetheart, healthy teeth and bones..." This morning, I went looking for an image of the aforementioned treat and came across a San Diego bulletin board discussion of the product that was so filled with Limbaugh-tinged invective that I felt impelled to mention this important idea: there really are times to just zip it with the pointless and inflammatory rhetoric. I think less of a person who feels that a discussion of new and interesting ice cream products is a fine place to drop an unsolicited and fact-free assessment of MidEast peace prospects, and caramel. Well, maybe not the caramel. But if you're not going to sample the aforementioned dairy treat because it's made by people who treat each other decently, well, that's your decision but do us all a favor and find something to talk about that doesn't confirm to the bbs-reading public that you are a selfish, ignorant, ill-informed bastard who has never formed an independent opinion and doesn't give a shit about another human being except Rush. I was interested in the fucking caramel crunch swirl!

But enough about me, what are you doing about holiday cards?

It's that time of year when people you like and people you can't remember will send you greeting cards revealing every intimate detail of pottytraining and festive mortgage refi. Let's save ourselves the stress of trying to figure out how they got our addresses, shall we? If you're the card-sending type, UNICEF can help with eye-catching cards, easy-to-mail gifts and that warm feeling that comes from knowing distant cousins won't catch you off-guard again this year! Many items are handmade by collectives that do real good in parts of the world where it would be easy to think little good can be done. Have a look at the catalog and fear no flaunty PTA mom!

Myself, I haven't bought ice cream in years. After this morning, I believe I might.

Update Yes! I know! That's why it's funny.



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