Sunday, December 30, 2007

That Will Grow And Bloom In You

This morning, Miss Sasha called from the hospital, where she was most displeased with the cuisine. "Mommy," she opined, "They've got me on a liquid diet. Herbal tea, apple juice, Jell-O. Also: the baby was born at 1:30 by caesarian. I hate my doctor. Grandma and Papa are at a wine tasting and promised to smuggle in wine that wasn't pre-tasted. Call everyone and tell them the news."

"What," I asked, "That Grandma and Papa are on a liquid diet, too?"

"No, that I could use a pizza. DUH!" So I called Trout and Siobhan, who have been Miss Sasha's mad aunties, are fully on board with my plan to raise this new kid with frequent help from Archie McPhee - because who doesn't need itty bitty rubber chickens? - and wield credit cards with abandon. I made a few more phone calls, then made the one that made my day.

Tata: Guess what! Miss Sasha had the baby!
Grandpa: Everyone's good? She's all right?
Tata: Yup! Everyone's very happy!
Grandpa: That's wonderful!
Tata: Hey, Grandpa! I'm a grandma!
Grandpa: You're a - [wild laughter] Hey, Grandma!

I'll drink to that.



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