Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is That the Question?

Two days.

Struggling a bit to get the 5,000 things done I need to do before I desert the joint for week. Today, I made arrangements for car service. Tomorrow, I have to call Grandpa and get my teeth fixed, work two jobs and Nair my facial hair. For crying out loud, I can't let people see me in daylight with an unsubtle mustache! I'm too young for the jade green feather boa and matching faux shearling bolero jacket.

A little old lady's got to have her standards.

Tonight, I emailed the cruise line and asked them for my heart's one desire: to be able to sit daily on an exercise bicycle and watch All My Children. I realize technology is in a time of mad flux and that virtually anything is possible for a price, so on a sea-faring contraption, shouldn't I be able to pedal my way to fitness while keeping tabs on fab thing Greenlee? I believe I should be able! We'll see if the cruise line agrees.



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