Saturday, February 23, 2008

As Long As I Stay I'll Be Waiting

Yesterday, a post on dKos, which I don't generally read because I have two jobs, a handsome dude and sometimes require sleep, reminded us that though the blogosphere raised enough money for the trust to buy a house for the Pretty Bird Woman House shelter, other needs are coming to light. For example, many generous people have sent new and gently used sheets and towels, but that doesn't mean you can't. The shelter has set up a Target Wish List, which is completely awesome. I didn't realize the shelter would need alarm clocks, but of course, the shelter needs them, duh! I have one still in the box in my hall closet, and next time I send out a box of donated items, I'll drop in the alarm clock.

Needs will continue to make themselves known. This week, they discovered they had three blankets. A few days ago, it was -17 degrees in McLaughlin, South Dakota. Three twin or full size blankets doesn't cut it any way one looks at that situation. You don't have to go crazy, though. At your house, you probably have sheets, towels and blankets you don't use. Put 'em in a box and send them to:

Pretty Bird Woman House
302 Sale Barn Rd.
McLaughlin SD 57642

This week, I sent out three boxes full of Daria's bras and children's clothing, so I can tell you with certainty that UPS or FedEx will be cheaper than the Postal Service. As long as you're mailing stuff, keep in mind that when women leave a hospital after an assault exam they often leave their clothes behind as evidence. Sweats, bras and underwear don't seem all that important until you face leaving a hospital in nothing but a blanket, which has happened.

Finally, the shelter will need office supplies. Staples and Office Depot will ship gift cards for free. Come to think of it, so will most retailers. If you think of a need the shelter will encounter, I hope you will mention it in comments on this or the shelter's blog.

The other day, I was looking through the closet containing the life's work of the person we refer to as Me. It all stacks very neatly on a top shelf where I don't have to look at it. Thing is I didn't plan to stop being Me, so I have all kinds of office supplies. I debated sending them to the shelter but it would be prohibitively expensive. I've decided to call Elijah's Promise on Monday, and if they don't need folders and reams of paper, I'm sure Planned Parenthood does. These things are a weight on me now but they might lighten the load for someone else.



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