Sunday, May 03, 2009

So the Room Must Listen To Me

Tata: Okay okay okay okay-
Daria: I'm sitting down.
Tata: Okay okay okay we went to Lowe's and bought peat moss and two bags of manure -
Daria:Those are words you'll never hear me say: I went to Lowe's for two bags of manure.
Tata: I could swear I just heard that. So we're walking out in the parking lot in a pouring rain and Pete tosses two bags of manure in the trunk of my car and I stomp around to the passenger door, open it and sit down. I thought I was sitting on my keys so I jump out of the car and it still hurts and I slap my pants where it hurts and omigod a yellow jacket falls on the ground -
Daria: Where'd you get that?
Tata: Lowe's, obviously. So obviously I freaked -
Daria: Obviously! Daddy was deathly allergic to wasps -
Tata: I yelped that! If I have trouble breathing take me straight to the hospital!
Daria: Did you?
Tata: Well, no. I was yelping, what with the inhaling and exhaling. So there I was, freaking out, and Pete was holding the mooshed yellow jacket and asking, "Should I hold onto this?" and I was like -
Daria: Did you take the yellow jacket back to Lowe's?
Tata: I should have returned that and claimed it was already broken but I was thinking Omigod, I cannot die from bee bites. So I said, No. Jesus! You'll need both hands if you have to carry me into the Emergency Room. The freaking thing stung me four times and I have a crazy strip of swelling down my left thigh.
Daria: I might have to Facebook this: Today, in a pounding rain, my sister got bee-stung on her butt.


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