Sunday, January 16, 2005

Proving the Rule

Mamie and I went big game hunting at the beauty supply store. My trophies are lined up on the floor. Eighteen little bottles of nail polish in exotic and not so exotic colors sit in a lovely row. Three shades of red, five shades of copper, black, two shades of blue usually found in tropical fish, and a light shade of jade green, not to mention bottles of base, top and strengthening coats with extras for repairs at work, comprise the list of my treasures. This is luxury, for me. Nail polish doesn't last forever; it gets thick with age, and useless. To bag a whole bunch of new colors and toss all the old ones - this is as decadent as I get.

Mine is an austere existence, and I don't regret this in the least. A cup of coffee after dinner on Friday evenings, a fragrant new shampoo, clean linens - these are the kinds of inexpensive luxuries I adore. I am a happy, happy gal. Simplicity *is* bliss.


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