Friday, May 27, 2005

Chapter 6: In Which I Am Absent

Mamie: After you left, Lala, Ned, Uncle James and I went to the after-party across the street at the Clarion. I was glad we went. We were the only people there from Miss Sasha's side of the aisle.
Tata: So who was there?
Mamie: The groom's parents and their friends.
Mamie: Yes! They were drinking Jack Daniels. Remember that guy who took his own picture? He spent ten drunken minutes shouting, "Mamie! Maaaaaaaaaamie! Mamie!"
Tata: Christ! You enjoyed that, I'm sure.
Mamie: He went to every table and took his own picture.
Tata: What a prick! He was chatting you up?
Mamie: He was chatting up a lamp. I was incidental.
Tata: How long did you stay?
Mamie: Hour? Maybe an hour and a half? The happy couple didn't come down for a while. We were waiting for Miss Sasha. The whole thing was pathetic.
Tata: I'm so appalled!
Mamie: You would've been really appalled when your new arch-enemy the mother of the groom was hugging and squeezing on her son and she said, "I thank God for him every day!" and I said to him, "People believe in God! Isn't that hysterical?"
Tata: Good thing he's fucking used to you!
Mamie: We left right after that. We figured if they had any brains left they might organize and kill us.


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