Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hindsight Is 20/20 Hearing

Tata: Hey, I called you yesterday.
Paulie: You did?
Tata: You don't remember?
Paulie: No...
Tata: Your pants answered.
Paulie: What?
Tata: I called and your pants answered the phone. You were at the hospital and I could hear your dad. You were arranging your stepmom in the hospital bed.
Paulie: I was? Wait - I was!
Tata: Then it got quiet and I couldn't figure out what that rhythmic sound was. And it was you, walking!
Paulie: That's funny!
Tata: And the whole time I was shouting into the phone, "PAULIE! PAULIE!"
Paulie: You were?
Tata: What, you don't remember ten minutes of your pants shouting your name?


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