Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Daria: I am a customer service nightmare!
Tata: Absolutely! What?
Daria: So Tyler and I bought furniture, then we moved. Today, I got my fourth phone call asking why my husband's driver license says different from the delivery address.
Tata: Did you tell them you were moving?
Daria: Did I mention my credit is perfect?
Tata: So if you ask them to deliver your furniture to the Raritan River you're good for it.
Daria: They know I moved! The manager called yesterday and said, "I'll take care of it. Don't give it another thought." Today, I get another call and now I'm obsessing.
Tata: Are they delivering your furniture or not?
Daria: Every time they call me the date is a couple days further off.
Tata: Fax them a bill for your time.
Daria: What?
Tata: A friend of mine waited all day for the phone company. Nobody came. She sent them a bill for her time. And they paid it!
Daria: I'm home with my children. What are they going to say?
Tata: "That's time and a half, ma'am. Will you let us pay you double?"


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