Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Come Groovin' Up Slowly

Walking around Highland Park, I see and hear things I certainly wouldn't if I stayed home and vacuumed, which I should do at least some of the time. Because there is so much to see, sometimes it takes a couple of passes down a street between the time I see something and the time I know what it is or was. On a main avenue on the south side, I saw what looked like a stockpile of landscaping materials. Later, it resembled the results of a treasure hunt at Home Depot. Finally, one sunny afternoon, I stood close and finally realized what it was: the homeowner had assembled about two dozen solar lawn lamps into the shape of a peace sign on her lawn.

I was so impressed with this I decided then and there I have too much free time. Enough of me! Time to take another number at the Deli Counter of Love.


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