Friday, June 02, 2006

Speak Like A Child

Ah, the truth hurts. It's giving me headaches, that's for sure. I was doing some work for a guy whose entire business is built on a co-dependency problem. The chaos was poisoning my dreams and making me bitter and defense. More than usual. Yesterday, I quit but it was more like a breakup than quitting and I keep wondering who gets custody of our mutual friends.

The humidity yesterday made being outdoors in the afternoon difficult and sweaty so I waited until after 7 to go out walking. I'd watched a weather report and the storms appeared in a variety of threatening colors to the north but not over Central New Jersey. In the park, I noticed the air looked a little bluer than usual but I was determined to at least run as far as I'd run the day before. So I did, thinking if I got struck by lightning behind the deserted construction equipment nobody would know, but not for long because lots of upstanding citizens ignored the approaching lightning with aplomb and herds of children. The park was full of people. I...left. Up on the avenues, people scurried about as the lightning drew nearer and thunder rumbled in the obviously decreasing distance. Just before a storm, a great gust of wind blows through, changing the air temperature and creating a distinctive rustle of leaves. I was six blocks from my front door when I felt that wind and thought I was about to get soaked but rain held off. Two blocks from my house, again, that same wind swept over everything. I couldn't believe it wasn't raining as I put the key in the front door. Inside my apartment, I marched straight to my bedroom and as I touched the window the skies opened. I'd arrived at home just in time to close the windows.

And I felt great except for my knees which felt a little sore and a little more inflamed than I liked. It may be true that running even a little bit on consecutive days is too much for them. The only thing to do is spread the pain, so let's start with the Oklahoma University College Republicans who seem like they've cut earth science classes on a more or less permanent basis. Mr. Blogenfreude is too kind to these douchey douchebags, whose douchebaggery could use a little refresher course in ...something, anything. Yesterday was the first day of hurricane season. This morning, Al Roker mentioned on the freshly Katie Courie-free Today Show that the Atlantic is 2 degrees warmer this year than usual. He said some variation of "You wouldn't think that was a lot but it increases the number of severe storms and drives them to be stronger." I propose we send the OU College Republicans, who are most certainly landlocked, boarding passes for those special planes that fly through hurricanes and drop devices to measure the damage climate change is about to do. That could be educational, and perhaps our future leaders wouldn't parade their truly extra-stupid stupidity across college campuses where, perhaps the OU CRs haven't noticed, exams are over and these idiots should be moving back home like two weeks ago. Go paint a house, kids! We'll talk more about your plan to resurrect Frankie and Annette's beach blanket non-boinking when you get back from your one and only real-life-like experience!


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I don't think I've ever been accused of being "too kind" ... I'll have to think about this.

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