Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Everything Else But Us Is Falling Apart

Week 3 Tuesday Report

Forgive me for reporting in late. Busy afternoon! I was waiting for the cable guy. He did exactly what I knew he would: not at all see what I saw. I felt bad about making him crawl around under the building in 100 degree heat. I say we're even. He left me a piece of paper with a description of what might be wrong so the next guy might have a head start. This kind of thing happens all the time but expecially when my U.N. translator is off having her own life, and because Siobhan is a selfish bitch she was selfishly and bitchily at work, thinking only of herself and her career and paying her bills, as usual nobody else understood a word I said.

I'm used to this. It always makes Siobhan Yosemite-Sam-hoppin'-mad, with steam shooting from each ear - the works! So there is an upside.

This evening, the CD tower I avoided ordering arrived, which is why I didn't report in this morning. I had a hunch the tower would arrive today. So I assembled it, pulled most of my CDs out of the last cardboard moving box and put them in the tower. The box is empty. It's a little milestone.

Still lots of work to do. The curtain rods are still on the floor and there's still a pile of stuff on the credenza, three Rubbermaid containers and two boxes I've just remembered two milk crates wedged into small spaces behind things.

Obviously, I can never leave here.


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