Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Wish You Were A Beer

In August every year, my job becomes very intense and stays that way until winter break, when I keel over and seethe with wassail-soaked hostility until just after New Year's, when I have about two weeks to do all the things I put aside for four months because they didn't concern money. Two weeks are not many. Then a new cycle of Find The Money starts in a fury that ends in early July.

This year, the work started a few weeks early. I expect to blog lightly for the next month. Please bear with me. My love is true! There's a lot to talk about; life is very eventful. The eviction hearing thing is next Wednesday and I'm just freaked out enough that I sleep even less than usual. So I'm going to sign off and polish my nails a shimmering jet black. I may be frantic, but my manicure will still be fabulous.


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