Sunday, August 06, 2006

Setting Up Your Own Razor Wire Shrine

A couple browses in the card section of the store for some time. I'm reading TBogg, knitting and listening to Ani DiFranco until he approaches the counter. He stands about 6'5" and when she stands next to him, she's pretty close.

Man: Can you recommend a good restaurant in town?
Tata: The Thai restaurant is very good. It's two blocks to the right.
Man: I'm not much interested in Thai food. How about something neutral? Something -

He skips a beat.

Man: - American?

It is as if he slapped me. I do not react. Instead, I answer his question in a level voice and measured emphasis.

Tata: I believe you'll find your options somewhat limited in that respect. Heading north, you'll find a vegetarian sandwich place, the Seven Hills of Istanbul, Chinese and Japanese.
Woman: We could go to Charlie Brown's.
Man: What's that?
Woman: Steaks and burgers.

I'm such a local-business geek I forget that place is there.

Man: Is there anything else?
Tata: Heading south, there's Glatt kosher, Italian, kosher Chinese, kosher pizza, delis and ice cream. There's also a cafe that serves sandwiches.
Man: That sounds good. Where's that?
Tata: It's on this side of the street. I guess it's about a block and a half that way.

He thanks me. They leave without purchasing anything. I'm sure unique and lovely things don't interest him, either.


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