Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging: The Stars Are Falling Edition

Last night, I got home from the family store just before 9:30, which is to say that every month or two months, the town holds an event on the street for a few hours. Children run through the store filled with lovely breakable objects until 9. My sisters and their partners in the toy store go all out. Last night, they put up a super cool yoga tent and blinky lights, and bluegrass musicians sang right outside the door. We knew all the songs because we grew up with a bluegrass band rehearsing in the rec room. Also: my 14-year-old niece Lois was singing two blocks down the street with her church group. I encouraged her.

Tata: So, ya nervous?
Lois: I wasn't.
Tata: Don't worry. No one will notice you. You'll be fine. Unless you puke.
Lois: You're making me nervous!
Tata: I didn't have really bad stage fright until I was in my thirties except when I was in gymnastics. That was really bad. Woo! But I could dance anywhere, that was fine. Later, I found tequila. Hey, you want some?
Lois: I'm leaving now!
Tata: Don't suck, sweetie!

An hour later, Lois returned. My sister and I were supportive aunties.

Tata: Hey, sweetie! Did you choke?
Lois: What?
Tata: Did you choke or did you sing like the birdies?
Anya: Yeah yeah, thrill of victory or agony of defeat?
Lois: It went great.
Tata: You're not sure? Did you hork?
Lois: I didn't! And my brother suddenly appeared.
Anya: Tippecanoe "suddenly appeared"?
Lois: With Dad. Poof! There he was.
Tata: If we're distributing magical powers, I'd like to levitate, please.
Lois: Please do. We have ceiling fans.

Isn't she FANTASTIC? Daughters in my family deliver the cutting one-liners. Miss Sasha is also an expert with ten words or less. The girls, they're brainy and beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, this is Lili, kitty friend of Mr. blogenfreude.

Though I've never met Lili in the feline flesh, she talks to me on the phone as if we backpacked across Europe together. While PIC was broken, Mr. blogenfreude was kind enough to let me blither at AgitProp and too kind to observe that while he and I are concerned with many of the same developments in the news, his readers are accustomed to a certain incisive brevity I can't mimic - not without tequila, anyway.

Tata: Lili?
Lili: MEW!
Tata: Really? Ashcroft's appearance on the Daily Show was a disaster! For whom? I sure don't know.
Lili: MEW!
Tata: I don't see how that'll help book sales.
Lili: MEW!
Tata: Thanks. I wasn't sure I could wear the new, fashionable cocoas. But you've set me straight!

Her views on physics are equally startling.


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