Monday, December 18, 2006

You'll Be So, So Lost

About two weeks ago, Anya, Corinne and Dan stayed up most of one night and reworked the front windows of both stores. The next morning, they stared at the coffee pot like it was the Hope Diamond. I am not exaggerating when I say that after dark, people come rushing into the store, telling the same story.

Enthusiast: I was driving by and I saw your window so I turned around and came back.
Tata: Do you live in town?
Enthusiast: Never been here before! What are those things in the window?
Tata: Ah, the starlights...

The window is breathtaking, as the parade of gasping enthusiasts attests. Anya is not convinced. When someone praises the window of the family store, Anya rushes off to do something else. This frustrates me.

Tata: See? The window is beautiful.
Anya: It's okay but I wanted a rhapsody in white and blue and I hate those angels.
Tata: But the window is beautiful. Take the compliment! Take it!
Anya: Eh! Phooey!
Tata: Shut up! It's beautiful!
Anya: Shut up! Is not!

She's getting coal in those socks! Geez Louise!

It was a dirty trick but I pushed my digital camera at her, said, "Take pictures of the front window from across the street," and ran away. Wooosh! I went lurking somewhere in the store. I might've hidden in the bathroom, but don't quote me. Anya snapped these pictures. The store names have been cropped so you don't come around for an invigorating game of Point & Laugh.

Please obey all local traffic laws. And don't argue with me!


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