Monday, February 12, 2007

Dance If We Want To

This image came from the panda gallery on, which credits Reuters. That's three degrees of separation from fuzzy panda baby happiness, which I must have. Please know that I am not stealing. I just want to play with the adorable baby pandas. Really. I think the baby pandas would make excellent playmates for me, despite their sharp claws and limited conversation. We could go to restaurants and order off the kiddie menus together. "Please, waiter, we'd like bamboo tenders, bamboo fries and bamboo shakes. And no skimping on the bamboo!" Oh, how popular we would be! Later when my panda friends grew to three times my size and reached the pedals with ease, I could teach my panda friends to drive. If my panda friends wore baseball caps, I bet they could get a job in the food service industry, perhaps bussing tables in one of the many fine restaurants in town catering to the upwardly mobile. As we lumbered down the street together, my panda friends and I would certainly turn heads. I feel extra pretty just thinking about it.


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