Saturday, April 14, 2007

Everything Is Easy 'Cause Of You

Do you know why I am so happy I can barely speak in a register audible to the human ear?


They came with doofy Catholic school girl names I can't stand.

I'm pretty sure they'll tell me their names.

In the meantime, let's call this impetuous gal Thing One.

She's very affectionate. She licked my nose.

Thing One!

She has blue-green eyes. It doesn't look that way, but I'm not much of a photographer.

It took her mere moments to warm up to me, if by "moments" I mean about an hour.

At the time of this picture, the kittens were walking all over my apartments, in every direction, looking at everything.

Black kittens on a brothel-red couch: ooh la la!

This is Thing One, deciding I might be okay to play with. Maybe.

Note the papers for the vet. Both kittens are already fixed.

Thing One bears a striking resemblance to Larry, the Little Black Cat Once Bent On Stealing Your Soul.

Meet Thing Two.

Her eyes really are that amazing, intense orange color.

I introduced her to all she could see outside the bedroom and living room windows.

She took a little longer to warm up to new kitten toys, the new apartment and the new human.

Their personalities are quite different.

Thing Two!

It's a beautiful day and the squirrels nibble, bound and chase one another.

Thing Two, I was warned, would scarf down all wet food I put out for both pussycats.

She doesn't like to be picked up.

While lovely Thing Two monitored the local fauna -

- equally lovely Thing One subdued me.

These girls are tall and lanky. They weigh so little I hardly know what to make of them.

When she walked all over me, I hardly felt it. When she decided to lie on my head, I couldn't object.

Couldn't breathe much, either. Didn't mind.

As I write this, a kitten is falling asleep on my lap.

As for the superstitious SHHHHHH! of yesterday, an explanation: whenever I tell people what my favorite show is, that show gets canceled. It's funny, right? Yeah, sure. It's funny. While I was in Virginia, I discussed my favorite show with Darla's parents. Last weekend, I noticed it wasn't on the schedule anymore.

I also say that when I talk about things in the works they don't happen.

I really needed this to happen. And now it has.

Thank you. I am so far beyond happy I had to share.



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