Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging: Supermodel Edition

Kittens are curious!

We observe a morning ritual: I climb out of the shower and the kittens leap in. Sometimes they are together, but not always. This time, Topaz got to the still dripping faucet first as Drusy looks on from a discreet distance. Please note that my tub is about 900 years old and has been scrubbed over the years beyond its intended point of cleanliness, which ironically makes the tub look very dirty. Note the footprints. I had just cleaned that.

Topaz is gentle, eats too much and schemes to take over the world. I look into her orange eyes and know my days are numbered. She seldom lets me scratch her head and if I pick her up: it's war! Topaz's fur feels different from her long-legged cohort's, softer somehow. Drusy, who I sometimes locate by listening for kitty bathing noises, is crazy for me. I so want to scoop up Topaz and love her up but I expect I'd lose an eye.
Though I am not a girlie girl, that shower curtain is indeed a color between pink and lilac usually found on cheap toys made in illegal Asian factories. Siobhan and I were tooling around Target with cash burning holes in our pockets when this thing appeared before our eyes. When we were laughing so hard we couldn't stand up straight this regrettable decor choice had to come home with me. This morning, I was wrapped in a towel, taking pictures of cats in a wet tub, when the gorgeous kittens heard some signal inaudible to my ear. Faster than you could say You better work! Topaz and Drusy switched places and were gorgeous - for Science!



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