Monday, November 05, 2007

As You Are, As You Were

Photo by Pete.

Pete and I drove to Virginia yesterday, collected Dad's slides and drove back today. We are lumpy things lying on my couch, at great risk of suddenly snoring. We stopped at Charlie Brown's and fell face-down into gin & tonics and comfort foods. I don't remember much. It's all a blur of receipts and unarmed mashed potatoes. Hey, we're home!

This is a view of and from the driveway at Dad's and Darla's house in the Shenandoah Valley. That right there is a shed and a Blue Ridge Mountain, if you wondered. It is one of many. People say things like, "We're going over the mountain to the Apple Cider Festival. Can I bring you a dozen doughnuts?" to which you must respond, "Yes, thank you." No. Really.

The cats seem happy to have us home again.


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