Thursday, December 13, 2007

On Arrival, Fighting For Survival

My brother Todd cannot resist forwarding emails about interesting gadgets, geegaws and contraptions. It's practically genetic. Dad was all about the kitchen whatsises. I have a pile of 'em and it's going to take years to figure out if I can use them as cooking implements or installation art.

Todd forwarded the image of this ladder and I'm hooked on it. It might help you to know I'm so small I'm almost spherical, and I can barely see what's on the first shelf in my cabinets. My kitchen contains an old 4' wooden ladder the cats use to sharpen their claws and I use to find the vital wheat gluten; a dollar store stepstool that - hilariously - collapses randomly and a nesting chair Topaz sits on when I'm cooking so she can stare at me with those huge liquid eyes. In my kitchen, this thing would be both useful thingy and decorative objet. Todd's email did not suggest a manufacturer or distributor of this item, so I can't guess its price. Ah well. I could investigate further - perhaps in the spring, when I can afford to indulge my curiosity about whatever's on the top shelf in my cabinets. Until then, I hope it's incubating nicely.


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