Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm Up Before the Sun

We used to be a lot older.

This is Mom. Isn't she pretty? She sure is. That's her great-grandson looking mighty photogenic. For the sake of clarity, let's call him "Spanky" - or, as Daria pronounces it, "'Panky". Try it out: Hey, Panky, let's go get tattoos! or Panky, that's my walrus! I like it. So there we have Mom and Panky. When I was a kid, I calculated I'd be 36 at the turn of the millenium and I recall feeling horrified that I'd be SO OLD! Now, Sophia Loren is gorgeous after 70. It's a different life than it might be if we didn't expect to live long enough to know and love our great-great-grandchildren, which privilege brings with it an increased responsibility to our present and our future.

On the other hand, since my life expectancy is about another forty years it's pretty embarrassing that I haven't planned - say - dinner. I'm working on it!



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