Monday, May 05, 2008

You're So Unbelievable

George Vomvolakis, lawyer for accused stalker Jack Jordan, said,
"To me, her fear seems a little exaggerated."

Clearly, women armed with kitana swords have nothing to fear from note-wielding schizophrenics besides paper cuts and copier jams but that's beside the point. We live in a society where movie stars have the right to tantalize us with their super yumminess, far exceeding whatever yumminess non-movie stars can muster in these yumminess-deprived times - and yet we have no recourse to threaten suicide if they choose not to let us, individually, grab a spoon and slurp. I for one am outraged, but not as publicly outraged as the note-wielding schizophrenic's lawyer, Mr. Vomvolakis, who over the weekend actually said into microphones - and here I must cut to the bone - har har! - until I can find supporting video - that while he supposed Miss Thurman might see his client's behavior as threatening "no normal woman would."

His mother must be so proud.

Correction: Video here. At :46 to the end, Mr. Vomvolakis says, "She may very well be a very sensitive person and thus was reacting the way she was. I don't think that - that most people would have been - most women in that situation would have been reacting the way - the way she did." Nice.



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