Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Don't Bother Chasing Mice Around

This picture, found on Cute Overload haunts me. I cannot get over the terrible fear that I may be nothing more than cat staff to tiny, adorable pussycats who will one day climb me to reach the can opener. The current cold snap has done nothing to alleviate these fears, since Pete and I now feed two giant outdoor pussycats we suspect might be mountain lions - but, you know, with really good manners. They haven't looked at us and licked their chops even once, so we put out a bowl of kibble for breakfast and another for dinner. They reward us by intimidating the yard squirrels.

We're considering bringing in houseplants we put outside for the summer. Snake plants are pretty sturdy but these have become really large, vivacious and refer to us by name. Sort of. I distinctly heard one burble, "Hepzibah, dahling, bring Mama a drink," though the plant might've been talking to Topaz or Drusy. That's probably an in-joke between them.



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