Saturday, December 10, 2005

Is It Love?

You know how refrigerators come in boxes? Washers and dryers come in trucks. What will I play in? That is a trick question. The answer is CLEAN CLOTHES!

Paulie: Tata, don't even plug in that dryer before you buy a fire extinguisher.
Tata: Why not?
Paulie: What's the tag say? How many amps?
Tata: I'm reading the tag. I see nothing about amps.
Paulie: What else?
Tata: It goes on and on about a risk of explosion. Like, in four languages.
Paulie: ...As opposed to the international language of I'M ON FIRE with subtle undertones of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Oh. Well, I guess I'm off to the Home Depot. But first, I'm going to try something no one of my generation in my family has: reading the manual. Stop laughing! I bought some shiny objects, and I want to use them without combining violently with oxygen myself.

I'd pout...but I have Appliance Joy! Joy!

Please sign the petition, because voting rights shouldn't go up in smoke.

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