Tuesday, February 07, 2006

That's the Way Love Is, That's How It Goes

Suobhan: Someone must hear of my foolishness. I nominate you.
Tata: Spill it!
Siobhan: That new guy I'm seeing? I have to call him later and I'm rehearsing what I'm going to say.
Tata: I do that constantly. It prevents me from acting on my desire to speak with my tiny fists.
Siobhan: No, I mean I'm rehearsing what I'm going to say!
Tata: Oh. My. God. You're used to saying the right thing the first time around!
Siobhan: I'm so embarrassed!
Tata: Don't be silly. I was taking a nap this afternoon and my doorbell rang. Okay, not so much rang as startled me out of a light sleep with the terrifying buzz Sharkey says sounds like ringing my doorbell is always the wrong answer. Anyway, so I open the door and a man I've never seen before hands me $4.48.
Siobhan: Why?
Tata: I don't know!
Siobhan: You don't know?
Tata: He had a clipboard and needed my signature. The apartment complex was handing out security deposit interest checks without the year-end tax information. I'm truly inspired but I don't know why they didn't just mail it to me.
Siobhan: Hey! Email about cheese!
Tata: Send it along, little lady, I've got $4.48 burning a hole in my pocket.
LOVE BOX: Why go out to dinner when you can stay home next Tuesday and explore in
seclusion for only $49.99! Surprise your sweetie with a basket filled with two French Crottin, nuggets of goat cheese aged in our caves; a heart-shaped Camembert, bloomy ripe from the Hudson Valley; a rich, triple creamy Delice de Bourgogne; a vial of dark buckwheat honey; and a threesome of mini chocolate bars from Barcelona.

And in case you need some sweet nothings to whisper in your honey's ear, a Valentine poem from our very own Casanova of cheese, Rob Kaufelt:

There's a Casanova of cheese! I can die happy!
"on valentine's day
the cheeses say,
'i'm such fine cheese,
so eat me, please!'"

He's not much of a poet but I can't fault his enthusiasm.
Get your special night rolling with a little extra excitement. Pop the cork and enjoy our Champagne Board for Two, including triple crème Delice de Bourgogne, luscious in your mouth or anywhere else you want it; nutty and sweet (just like your beloved) Piave; and smooth as silk Fontina Val d'Aosta. $40 each, ready to serve on a bamboo cutting board.

Finish the evening with a freshly made tart. Made in individual servings, our Chocolate Tart $6.99ea, is deep, dark and naughty with Spanish artisan chocolate. For a lighter finale, we make a White Chocolate Raspberry Tart $7.99ea, with Vermont crème fraîche white chocolate, fresh raspberries and a dark cocoa crust.

To reserve a Champagne board or Valentine's tart, call 212-243-3289 ext. 26 and place your order by Saturday, February 11th with Made by Murray's Manager Sarah Zaborowski. All Made by Murray's orders can be picked up at our Bleecker Street location beginning noon Monday, February 13th through 8pm Tuesday, February 14th. We're sorry, but these items are not currently available to ship.
WISCONSIN SAMPLER: Don't forget that we're celebrating the fine cheese Wisconsin has to offer with a special, limited edition selection.

Nothing says 'romance' and 'disappointment' like Wisconsin. What?

Meanwhile, Paulie Gonzalez is using his powers for Good.
You know about my pocket change "thing". I have been inspired to do something about it!
Garden of delights
Keep a pocketful of dimes and quarters with you at all times, and constantly leave them in knee-level weird places where only a child would ever look. Inside the hollow shafts of toilet-paper holders. Balanced along the ridges of decorative molding. Inside pencil sharpeners at the local elementary school. In the coin slots of gumball-dispensers (give 'em a half-turn.) Imagine the eventual entertainment that will result.

I just need to figure out how to transport the change from my hand, to where I will leave it to be found by children.

On behalf of children everywhere, I'm going to take a breadcrumbs tumbler, wrap a different piece of construction paper around the outside of it every week and stand in Paulie's driveway like those pop warner players at traffic lights. Maybe one time, I drop the change at the animal shelter and the next, St. Jude Children's Hospital. I'll get him receipts. I'd never be so selfish as to save $49.99 and eat Fontina Val d'Aosta. That'd be...wrong...


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