Friday, June 30, 2006

Let the Choir Sing!

Once more, with feelin': Monday's and Barry's wedding.

When RSVP doesn't cut it.
Meet Daria - but never share dessert.
The tulle-draped horror of a family bridal shower. And pastry.
Miss Sasha's First Anniversity and a link to the terrifying wedding epic.
Bad wedding, no biscuit!
The family migrates, the family is left behind.
Paulie signs on to a dangerous mission.
Miss Sasha Regrets...
Miracles Never Cease Ceasing
Some do "I do."
Say "Secret Cheese!"
The longest week of my life was one five-hour evening.
Both post-y and script-y.

Remember: I'm not writing history. Don't bother correcting facts or manners and don't make me stab you with my shrimp fork!


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