Monday, August 07, 2006

A Fine And Natural Sight

After I closed the family store yesterday, my flatware drawer came apart in my hand at home. After more than two weeks without a day off, with Siobhan away and my whole family out of town, I'd had enough - or I thought I had, until I looked into the cabinet to see what'd happened and why. This is the kind of thing I'd prefer to fix myself Not this time. So I called the super's office and left a message.

Tata: Hello, dahhhhlinks, it's Ta. My kitchen cabinets have seen better days. I can tell by the last repair job done with a wooden spoon and whitewash. Oh, and the runner holding my silverware drawer is a paint stirrer toenailed upside-down in a manner that suggests only a miracle let it support weight the eleven months I've lived here. Please send someone with power tools. Thank you!

It's been twenty-four hours without a return call. Think he hurt himself laughing?


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