Friday, October 20, 2006

I Close My Eyes And I See

Gorgeous blurry pictures of blue things that upon closer examination turn out to be Chuan and his friend at Evil Dead: the Musical.

Chuan propped himself against a filing cabinet in my cubicle and explained the new addition to his wardrobe: a cheap plastic poncho. He described gooey stage blood flying everywhere, drenched audience members, a song and dance number called What the Fuck Is That? I asked if, by any tiny, tiny chance, there were camera phone photos of this excellent mayhem?

Oh yes. An usher came running to scold them, but blue plastic history was made. Chuan said the play was an absolute panic, and everyone non-water-soluble should see it in clothing they don't mind subsequently dyeing red in someone else's washing machines.

I suspect a Crayola 64 box of Tide pens would solve the problem.


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