Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This Flat Old Earth Is In Your Gentle Hands

We at Poor Impulse Control Secret Headquarters take one step forward and fall two steps back in our Iron March to Technical Adequacy. We get the main site back, we lose the actual artist pages. We set up something in the template, then it disappears. It's not Siobhan's fault PIC leaks like an old oil barge. That might be the fault of the original designer who constantly made the mistake of saying, "Hey, Ta, what do you think of all this work I've done for free?" And then I said, "My stars, that's shiny." In other words, because I don't code, bad code is my fault. Well, fuck me. Slainte!

Today, I put the above image in that column off to the right and it may be there now or not, depending on your browser. I get a broken link now but I could see it from work. Prosit!

I'm all for NTodd's Incivility Pledge. See?

1. We take responsibility for our own words and reserve the right to call stupid people names when they fucking annoy us.

2. We won't tell anybody to fuck off if we wouldn't tell them to fuck off in person.

3. If tensions escalate, we will start a metablogpissingmatch, if only to generate traffic.

4. When we believe someone is unfairly attacking another, we escalate and get more personal and nasty.

5. We allow anonymous comments because who the fuck really cares? It's a goddamned blog.

6. We troll other sites for shits and giggles.

7. We encourage parody sites because if you can't take a fucking joke, you're a goddamned moran and shouldn't be blogging.

Moreover, I promise to be a fresher hell, a foul-mouthed free-range freak with a fine manicure, a thing that goes bump in the day and night. I'm not going to get religion or take myself more seriously - no, those days are waaaaay over. I won't sit down and behave because it's ladylike. I can't wait to dye my little old lady hair a color that clashes with tropical fish. Naroc!

Civility as defined by Bill O'Reilly is censorship. The solution to questionable speech is more free speech, not less. Plus, there are an awful lot of people I've told to fuck off in person. Salut!


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