Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Hear the Words That Keep Falling

Thing 2, left, is actually the smaller and pricklier of the kittens. When I take out a camera, Thing 2 usually makes herself scarce. This time, Thing 1 heard the whirr of camera start up and started to bolt. A second later, the larger, friendlier cat, the one on the right, was off in a cloud of dust.

Things are not always as they appear. Or are they?
Man Shot By Puppy Arrested On Animal Cruelty Charge

You may feel a little pressure. I know I do.
PENSACOLA, FL (AP) - An animal cruelty charge was filed against a man who shot himself when one of the puppies he was preparing to shoot made the gun discharge, deputies said. Jerry Allen Bradford, 37, of Pensacola, was arrested Friday and held on $1,500 bond, the Escambia County Sheriff's Office said.

Hell, I didn't even know we were arming puppies. I feel so out of the loop!
Bradford was holding two puppies, trying to shoot them in the head with a .38-caliber revolver on Sept. 8 when one wiggled, sending a bullet into Bradford's wrist, deputies said. Bradford had shot and killed three puppies before he was wounded. Bradford said he decided to shoot the 3-month-old puppies because he couldn't find another home for the shepherd-mix dogs, the sheriff's office said.

Deputies found three of the puppies in a shallow grave outside Bradford's home. The other four appeared to be in good health and were taken by Escambia County Animal Control.

Now I'm sorry I'm not arming puppies. There's one last thing:
The shepherd-mix pup that "fired" the bullet was renamed Trigger.

Good doggy! Bad human! Can we talk now about getting Mom fixed?



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