Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging: Dancing Days Edition

It's as if I caught them in a motel room.

Topaz is so ashamed! After I took this picture, Drusy sprawled across Topaz in a most possessive manner and Topaz closed her eyes. I surmise that after I left for work catnapping transpired, though I suspect there may also have occurred noshing, scampering and playing with toys. This is some life. I'm keeping them in the manner to which I'd like to become accustomed, and if it weren't for the fishy canned food I wouldn't nibble on a bet I'd feel truly outsmarted.

Topaz found my arrangement of Dad's cookbooks to her liking and declared this spot the one where she lounges and stares at me. Sometimes, she sits and stares at me. This is less unnerving than when she sits and stares at something I can't see, but more unnerving than when, as now, she appears to be stalking me. As you may guess, I'm pretty big prey. I could be delicious, but we don't know for sure. Either way, I'm wily and uncertain I want to be caught.

In a previous life, I was a Biblical Revisionary artist. Thus, I can possess that image of Nastassia Kinski without apology. You, however, are on your own.

The other day, I turned my house upside down but couldn't find Drusy. It's a simple matter: sometimes I count cats to make certain my furry captives haven't dug their way out. Darla counts ears and divides by two, but I'm just not brilliant at math so I count up one Topaz and one -

- one -

Hey, where's one Drusy?

Then I panic a little. The first time it happened, I panicked a lot for about 45 minutes before calling Siobhan, who assured me the pussycats might like me but they love the free food. Because I hadn't seen a cat curled up inside the catcurledup furniture thing I didn't look there, though that's where Drusy was the whole time. When I found her she looked at me the way dogs look at ceiling fans. Thus, whenever she's invisible you'd think I'd make a beeline for the furniture whatsis. I do not. So the other day when I found her curled up and photogenic I was surprised and pleased: one Drusy. Ahh.



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