Sunday, January 13, 2008

To Wish These Days Would End

Yesterday and today.

Last night, Darla said PIC included little personal detail recently. I allowed as how I'm working really hard at the unnamed university job and at the family store. Further, when I get home, my brain is still tired from the December slog and it's all I can do to seductively mumble at Pete "Gaaaaaaaaaah" before I either snore or toss all night. Thus, though I may be desperately attractive, in pixel form, I might be a trifle dull. Of course, I apologize - or I would, but no self-respecting bitch would, and I like Elton John.

Today, Pete and I drove out to Daria's, where for no good reason, Pete, Daria and I dipped pretzels into crab, clam and honey-mustard dips while discussing our diets. It was time well spent, I'm sure. Pete toured the local Home Depot while Daria went through her closet for clothing I can marinate in umbrella drinks whle on vacation at the end of this month. Yes, pets, I'm leaving you for a week. No, your mother and I still love you, we just need this time apart. You're still special!

Siobhan and I are going on a Barenaked Ladies cruise. No, I can't stop singing If I Had A Million Dollars. The plan is to spend mornings on an exercise cycle, afternoons on a deck chair, evenings in a bar, and the whole time holding a chic glass containing alcohol and tropical fruit. At other points, I might visit islands and see the band, while holiding a chic glass containing alcohol and tropical fruit. If I end up in a life boat, there had better be a tiki bar. Will I drown?



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