Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tomorrow Goodbye That Day May Be Soon

She calls me. It's urgent. She doesn't say hello.

Mary: Bread pudding?
Tata: Love it.
Mary: Stale bread?
Tata: The stalest. Thrifty. Good.
Mary: It's not too stale?
Tata: The staler the better. Love custard?
Mary: Love it.
Tata: Add raisins, walnuts, fruit.
Mary: Not sure. Don't like?
Tata: Use extra custard. All good. One more thing -
Mary: Ready!
Tata: Don't let anyone talk you into using doughnuts. That shit'll kill you.
Mary: Over and out!

I have every confidence that Mary, who tonight baked her first loaf of bread with her divine seven-year-old, baked a lovely, custardy, delicious bread pudding.

Next week: hard sauce.



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