Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Crimson And Clover, Over And Over

My days have become so eventful I can barely keep a journal and blogging is getting weird. I shouldn't say weird. I should say Where do I start? I should say I'm not sure what to leave in or out. I should say Change is in the air. What's a girl to fucking do?

Last winter, I tried switching via the New Jersey Clean Energy Program to New Jersey Wind. I went on merrily paying my dumb old PSE&G bill without a second thought and months later, in a stroke of nowhere-close-to-genius, when I glanced over the bill and realized I couldn't see any reference to the company polishing my energy karma. I called and set the whole thing up a second time. A month passed. I didn't see a bill. Another month passed. I tried calling and the number connected to a fax machine. I was just about to give up when Siobhan convinced me to call one more time.

Tata: Hello, tiny energy company! I am Miss Tata, and my address is [redacted, you geeks. Kisses!]
Nice Lady: Hello, Miss Tata.
Tata: I signed up. Then I signed up a second time. Then, mysteriously, the PSE&G bill that was about $35 per month suddenly dropped to less than $15.
Nice Lady: Wait, your bill should have increased by point blah blah blah per kilowatt hour.
Tata: You're nice and all but I feel we haven't known each other long enough for me to accept gifts.
Nice Lady: I see what you mean. You should check your next PSE&G bill.
Tata: It's going to whack me like a pinata, isn't it?

I had just paid such a bill days before and when I got home I found another. It was like a $15 Groundhog Day. This is a little frustrating but I'm going to stick to the plan. As yet, I can't say to you this transition is effortless and inexpensive - I can't actually say it's possible! - but I won't give up. I may change my mind and I may yet accept this green energy company's lavish gifts. I never have. It seems naughty!

For the last few weeks, I've been working on a couple of projects and, yes, I have been distracted. Today, one of them came to interesting fruition but as yet, I can't mention it. Soon. In the meantime, after last week's episode in which I found myself advising Lupe on how to carve up a pineapple without having done it myself - well, I bought a pineapple. I have a sharp knife. I'm going to make like Mount Rushmore and report my results - if I have fingers.

It's an adventure!


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