Friday, December 16, 2005

Love, Rain On Me

When the American Family Association went to Ford demanding Ford quit advertising in the gay press I admit I thought Ford would cave. After the Microsoft debacle, I thought Ford would let itself be bullied. I mean, shoot. Who should be less fearful of what Intelligent Design believers boycott than scientists and engineers? Yet, Microsoft crumpled like a Dixie cup under Aunt Annie's fanny before finding the gumption to defend itself. So I didn't hold out much hope for Ford, and initially, they did not disappoint me. Ford caved, too.

Brilliant@Breakfast reminds us that John Aravosis and AmericaBlog are three for three this year against the bigots who want gays and lesbians to live in fear and shame, if gays and lesbians must live at all. Pam declares Ford - eventually - kicked the Donald Wildmon and AFA to the curb, and good for Ford, good for gays, and good for the rest of America. It's about time we stopped catering to bullies and fascists.

Love is love is love. It's not the body that matters; it's the person in the body. Time to get over the idea that other people's love affairs affect us in any way whatever, be it Daddy-Daddy matches or Nick and Jessica mismatches. If we have time to care about these things, we need a hobby.

How about restoring old Fords?

Please sign the petition, because voting rights should be right as rain.

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