Wednesday, September 21, 2005

She Catches On Quick!

Miss Sasha reports from the Front:
What have I told you about using cheerleaders for evil! Mommy, just cause the majority are as stupid as Barbie doesn't mean they blow up like Barbie!

Speaking of evil...So guess what?! The inlaws have decide to grace us with their presence for Xmas dinner...The scary part...I am actually excited(and a little stressed) about the whole making my first official holiday dinner for grown ups. I just have a feeling that everything will be going great and BOOM! an I Love Lucy Moment(tm)!

I have been having so many I Love Lucy moments(tm) with the awesome espresso machine! Like, Mr. Sasha and I couldn't figure out the whole steaming milk skill. First I filled the water tub in the back all the way up not realizing it holds more then the pitcher( you mentally feel what is about to happen?!) and when I turned it on I was welcomed with a waterfall of very hot water! And somehow didn't burn myself or anything else! Then the milk steamer on the side sent milk flying everywhere when I couldn't figure out if it was on or not. It was absolutely hilarious seeing the kitchen in polka dots! Oh, in case you haven't learned this one already...Never put painting stuff in the dishwasher! I won't even go there! Then Mr. Sasha and I bought a bagless vacuum and when Mr. Sasha went to clean out the tube the holds the dirt it popped out and get everywhere...luckily he was outside. Even better was the dryer that wasn't connected correctly and all the dust(mostly lint and cat hair from clothes) came blowing out the back of the dryer and the dryer started walking away!

My life has turned into a comic strip, Ma.

Among Miss Sasha's many talents are strength, speed and an innate ability to play Point&Laugh at household appliances, but like all members of my family, she was born without any hope of reading the manual. We marry into, date or adopt that. Daria and Todd have never read a manual in either of their lives, and if buttons aren't labeled they'll helplessly paw at the vacuum cleaner all day.

Poor Miss Sasha. If you tell the March of Dimes you have this birth defect kids on crutches trot over and beat you up. But enough about her! I believe she said something about my archenemy - the Mother of the Groom - coming to Christmas dinner in Florida.

Let the Season of Scheming begin!


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